Monday, February 29, 2016

Strawberry Picking in La Trinidad Strawberry Farm, Benguet

The town of La Trinidad in the province of Benguet is well known for its strawberry and vegetable plantations which entitled them as the ‘Strawberry Capital of the Philippines’. With its land area of almost 8,200 hectares and valley’s floor elevation at 1300 meters above sea level that makes the cool temperature of the place, they were able to establish a farm land for growing strawberries.

After we visited Mt. Jambo/Mt. Yangbaw – mountain peak in La Trinidad where you can witness sea of clouds and stunning 360 views. Visit blog post (Click here-> Mt. Jambo), we also thought of going to the strawberry farm and experience strawberry picking. Since we were already in town and it’s just few kilometres away from where we were, of course we grabbed our chance on visiting one of the major tourist spots in Benguet .

Sunday, February 28, 2016

20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon is now one of the popular festivals in the country. It is a celebration about passion for flying. There are sky diving stunts, giant kites, RC planes or real planes doing acrobatic glides, plane exhibits, and of course the highlight which is the big hot air balloons, and many more activities. This kind of event was formed to help boost tourism and self-esteem of the people in Clark, Pamapanga. This also became the gathering of aviators from all over the world where they develop their skills and practice discipline especially for the young pilots. At the same time, sharing of cultures and traditions of visiting pilots can be experienced on this event.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mt.Jambo/Mt.Jumbo/Mt.Yangbew, La Trinidad Benguet

La Trinidad in Benguet, one of the neighboring towns of Baguio City, is much known for its strawberry and vegetable plantations. With this, the town is titled as the “Strawberry Capital of the Philippines”.  But aside from that, the city is also very rich on beautiful mountain peaks. One of it is the Mt. Jambo or Mt. Yangbew, overlooking 360 views of La Trinidad valley and nearby Baguio City as you reach the summit.

Mt. Jambo/Mt.Jumbo/Mt.Yangbew is located at Barangay Tawang in La Trinidad Benguet which is just about 2 kilometers away from Baguio City. According to the locals, it was called ‘Jambo’, because during the American era, this place was used for the National Scout Jamboree. This is an event or gathering of thousands of members of the Boy Scouts of America.
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