Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Netong's Original La Paz Batchoy, IloIlo City

Part of traveling is to search out for what the town proudly possess. May it be its beaches, nature, people, food, or other famous landmarks. Do you agree? We search out for these and make sure to include it in our travel plans. We do this because we simply want to make our trip the best and worthwhile.

So when I visited Iloilo, one thing that really came up on my mind is the Ilonggo cuisine. The very popular dish of them and its pride, Batchoy.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mt. Kupapey, Bontoc Mountain Province

Not known to others, there’s a stunning, unspoiled, and well-preserved mountain hidden at the part of Cordillera Central Luzon region which is not yet much recognized among our hikers or mountaineers here in the Philippines unlike Mt. Pulag, Amuyao, and many more which are very popular now.

Mt. Kupapey located at Mountain Province in Bontoc has a difficulty of 3/9. You can reach up its 1539 meter high summit for 1-2 hours trek which is only about 5-8 kilometers.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao Mountain Province

Since I was a kid, image of our very own rice terraces is very popular in the Philippines. We’re all familiar with its magnificence through its picture and story alone. And experiencing it in real life makes me appreciate more its exquisiteness and be very proud of what we have.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lucky Chick, UP Town Center

Who loves fried chicken? We all do! Right? And so a brand new restaurant in UP Town Center will serve you our all-time classic comfort food. Lucky Chick, a Southern restaurant is another venture of the people behind Nolita, The Bowery, Borough, and L.E.S Bagels. They wanted to take away our idea of fried chicken as a common or ordinary dish by making the usual into extraordinary. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mt. Daguldul, San Juan Batangas

A coastal mountain called Mt.Daguldul is one of the well known places of climbers in the southern part of Batangas. It is named as ‘Daguldul’ because of the sudden rolling of its hills. It offers a beautiful mountain range having amazing views and relaxing feel because its trail is closer to the sea. You can view the famous beaches of Laiya Batangas and other parts of Western Philippines Sea. Mt.Daguldul is a minor climb with difficulty of 3/9. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Awesome Escape at Cabongaoan Beach, Burgos Pangasinan

This is one of my adventure trips that I will never forget because of the wonderful place, the people I bonded with, and one unique event that I don't experience on the usual trips I’ve joined in.  “Unique event” – This adventure trip by Dong Ho Eskapo gave us an exciting challenge by not revealing our destination. All we knew is the itinerary, the things to bring, and it would be a beach place. But we really don’t know the exact place where going to, it may be on the Southern or Northern part of the Philippines, we don’t have any idea. Well, as an adventurer this would be a unique experience that’s why without a doubt I absolutely said Yes!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mt. Samat (Dambana ng Kagitingan), Pilar Bataan

The province of Bataan is well known for many historical events which gave a significant role during World War II. Some of these are the infamous Bataan Death March where Filipino and Americans soldiers and prisoner of wars were forcibly marched; A Chinese pirate tried invading North Luzon, the Dutch forces massacred people in Abucay Bataan, and many more. With this, a memorial shrine was built in Mt. Samat to honor and remember the heroism of Filipino and American soldiers who fought during World War II.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Strawberry Picking in La Trinidad Strawberry Farm, Benguet

The town of La Trinidad in the province of Benguet is well known for its strawberry and vegetable plantations which entitled them as the ‘Strawberry Capital of the Philippines’. With its land area of almost 8,200 hectares and valley’s floor elevation at 1300 meters above sea level that makes the cool temperature of the place, they were able to establish a farm land for growing strawberries.

After we visited Mt. Jambo/Mt. Yangbaw – mountain peak in La Trinidad where you can witness sea of clouds and stunning 360 views. Visit blog post (Click here-> Mt. Jambo), we also thought of going to the strawberry farm and experience strawberry picking. Since we were already in town and it’s just few kilometres away from where we were, of course we grabbed our chance on visiting one of the major tourist spots in Benguet .

Sunday, February 28, 2016

20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon is now one of the popular festivals in the country. It is a celebration about passion for flying. There are sky diving stunts, giant kites, RC planes or real planes doing acrobatic glides, plane exhibits, and of course the highlight which is the big hot air balloons, and many more activities. This kind of event was formed to help boost tourism and self-esteem of the people in Clark, Pamapanga. This also became the gathering of aviators from all over the world where they develop their skills and practice discipline especially for the young pilots. At the same time, sharing of cultures and traditions of visiting pilots can be experienced on this event.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mt.Jambo/Mt.Jumbo/Mt.Yangbew, La Trinidad Benguet

La Trinidad in Benguet, one of the neighboring towns of Baguio City, is much known for its strawberry and vegetable plantations. With this, the town is titled as the “Strawberry Capital of the Philippines”.  But aside from that, the city is also very rich on beautiful mountain peaks. One of it is the Mt. Jambo or Mt. Yangbew, overlooking 360 views of La Trinidad valley and nearby Baguio City as you reach the summit.

Mt. Jambo/Mt.Jumbo/Mt.Yangbew is located at Barangay Tawang in La Trinidad Benguet which is just about 2 kilometers away from Baguio City. According to the locals, it was called ‘Jambo’, because during the American era, this place was used for the National Scout Jamboree. This is an event or gathering of thousands of members of the Boy Scouts of America.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Uke Box Caffe, Libis Quezon City

Do you like playing music? Do you love eating? Or you love doing both at the same time. Well here’s one perfect place you can hang out on with your friends or family while fulfilling your desires, only at Uke Box CaffĂ© in Eastwood Libis, Quezon City.

Uke Box Caffe is not your ordinary coffee shop or snack bar that you used to hang out, bond, or relax with colleagues. They added some twist on the place. Their main theme is 'Ukulele' (Instrument with 4 strings) where they actually got the name Uke Box. That’s why when you enter the place, you will see numerous ukuleles that are displayed on the wall. But these are not for display only, because you can buy those or rent it to play there. So if you’re really in the ukulele scene, you will surely love it here. But then if you don’t have any idea about this instrument just like me, it’s alright because they offer free workshops if you want to learn. They have an open mic too if you have the talent in singing. Or just seat, relax, and just enjoy live music while having good food.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

[Sponsored Post] Galli Village Cafe, Makati City

People nowadays spend their money more on traveling rather their own luxuries, material things or other comforts in life. We are very adventurous exploring places around the country, in Asia, or in all over the world. With this, we don’t only get into actions or activities, but we also get to experience variety of food.

I’m saying this because people now are very knowledgeable when it comes to food because of traveling. They are very adventurous and experimental not only on traveling but also in eating.  That’s also how the restaurant businesses with fusion cuisines are becoming successful here in the Philippines. Just like what the owners of Galli Village Cafe did.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine, Pangasinan

After visiting the top tourist destination in Pangasinan (Hundred Islands), I was very glad that I also got a chance to see one of the major religious landmarks in the country, the Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine. Many Catholics in the country and from all over the world are full devotees of this church. People heard, believed, and experienced themselves the miracles it bring. That’s why people are continuously visiting the place to wish, pray, or plead for their different own reasons. And more and more are coming and now becoming followers of Our Lady of Manaoag.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Silantro Fil-Mex, UP Town Center

A Filipino – Mexican cuisine originated in Dagupan, Pangasinan and one of the crowd favorites in Kapitolyo - which is like the home of the foodies, just opened another branch in UP Town Center. I always hear good reviews about it that’s why I really wanted to try their dishes. Good thing, they expanded and put one up in Quezon City, just near my place.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Welcome 2016!!!

Happy New Year to everyone!! 12 months have passed once again. I want to thank all the people who took time to visit and read my few blogs. As a newbie blogger, it’s given that it would be tough at start, especially writing and photography is not really in my line but then I realize that it’s tougher to continue what you have started. Frustrations come - you have travels to share but you can’t write everything what’s in your mind, you get to the point on not being contented on the photos you take, you have no time, no travels, and more disappointments. It’s really hard to have a determination to go on. But then I just believe on the love and passion in what you do. That’s why I keep going on and always try to strive to be better.

Now another fresh new year is here, it means another chance to grow, to develop what I do, make my blogs and photos better, to learn something new, to discover places, meet new people to share and learn with them, to write more informative, more fun, inspirational, etc for everyone. And to just continue loving on what I do.

Again, have a prosperous New Year from the Prettea Traveler! 
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