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Strawberry Picking in La Trinidad Strawberry Farm, Benguet

The town of La Trinidad in the province of Benguet is well known for its strawberry and vegetable plantations which entitled them as the ‘Strawberry Capital of the Philippines’. With its land area of almost 8,200 hectares and valley’s floor elevation at 1300 meters above sea level that makes the cool temperature of the place, they were able to establish a farm land for growing strawberries.

After we visited Mt. Jambo/Mt. Yangbaw – mountain peak in La Trinidad where you can witness sea of clouds and stunning 360 views. Visit blog post (Click here-> Mt. Jambo), we also thought of going to the strawberry farm and experience strawberry picking. Since we were already in town and it’s just few kilometres away from where we were, of course we grabbed our chance on visiting one of the major tourist spots in Benguet .

How to get there?

From Baguio City, ride a jeepney bound for La Trinidad or Buyagan. The fare is around Php11. There is a terminal located at Magsaysay or T. Alonzo Street, or just near Baguio City Hall. Then just ask the driver to drop you off to Strawberry Farm.

From Mt. Jambo in Bgy. Tawang, ride a jeepney with a Tawang-La Trinidad bound sign. The fare is Php10. Then asked the driver to drop you off at the ‘bridge’ – I forgot the name of the street. From there, walk passed the bridge and you will see one of the landmark ‘Tsong San’. And from there, ride a jeepney bound for Tomay. And just tell the driver to drop you off to the Strawberry farm. You will be drop off on the main road so you have to walk a little bit to get to the main gate or you can just ride a tricycle.

When we arrived at the place, there were a lot of people who welcomed us. What I mean here are the tourists just like us visiting and want to experience strawberry picking too, the vendors of ice cream and ‘taho’ – which were all strawberry flavored and really yummy!, of course vendors of strawberries and vegetables, and other souvenirs or ‘pasalubongs’. Actually you could already buy everything on this place! J

For the main activity, you have to register first and choose if you would only take some pictures inside the farm or if you would pick your own fresh strawberries.

I was really surprised of the big land farm of strawberries and vegetables they have in La Trinidad. And different ‘Ibaloi’ (locals in Benguet) there have its own place or possession of land.

Picking of Strawberries is Php300 per kilo. You can experience picking of strawberries and have the power to pick the fresh ones. And will be all yours as you go home.

Few tips and guide on picking strawberries
Red strawberries are already ripe.
- Pick the ones who are not fully ripe especially if you still need to travel a long way back to Manila. So it won't get rotten.
- Small strawberries are more sweet.
Pick the strawberry on its stem, don’t pull the whole plant away

       Here’s the catch, you could actually buy one kilo of strawberries in the market for only Php150. So yes, picking of strawberries is double the price. You just don’t pay for the strawberries but also for the experience, and of course you can pick the fresh ones. 
      So it’s up to you if you also want to experience on picking strawberries or just eat them straight away J

One important thing also that you can do is to buy vegetables. I was really surprised on how cheap they sell their vegetables here. And no doubt it’s all fresh.

I’m very happy with this experience. And I really love strawberries! It was also a good thing to know that there’s such a place like this where I witnessed how our farmers take care and develop crops or riches in our country. So try this experience now with your friends and family. The best time of strawberry picking is in the first quarter of the year. Plan ahead now! J

ITINERARY (Mt. Jambo + Strawberry Picking)
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Day 00
11:00 PM ETD to Baguio City

Day 01
05:00 AM ETA Baguio City
05:20 AM ETA Bgy.Tawang, La Trinidad/Jump off point (By Taxi)
05:30 AM Start Trek
06:00 AM ETA Summit
06:20 AM Sunrise watching/Pictorial/Snacks
07:30 AM Horseback riding around the summit
08:00 AM Descend
08:30 AM ETA Jump off/ Wash up
09:30 AM Side trip Tour - ETA Strawberry Farm 
10:00 AM Start Strawberry Picking
11:30 AM Buy souvenirs, etc.
02: 00 PM ETD to Manila

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Genesis Bus (Manila to Baguio City/vice versa) - Php 445
Jeepney (Baguio City to La Trinidad) - Php 11
Strawberry Picking - Php 300
Souvenirs, etc. - ...


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