Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shrimp Bucket at UP Town Center

It was my birthday and I planned to treat my family on a dinner and then asked them on where they wanted to eat. Then they have suggested a new food outlet in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City -- which is the UP Town Center. They said there are almost twenty two restaurants to choose from on that place that’s why I decided to try it out.

UP Town Center is another property of Ayala Land Inc. and it is now the country’s first university town center which consists of top retail stores, offices, restaurants, and services. You can find the place along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City which is near UP Diliman, Miriam College, and Ateneo de Manila campuses. That’s why there are also academic support facilities in here to promote a close collaboration between the students, workers, and residents in the area. There are remaining developments to look forward to this place like supermarket, theater, game arcade, etc.

How to reach the place…

From Edsa-North MRT/Trinoma/SM North Edsa, ride a jeepney that has a signage of ‘UP Diliman’. The fare would be Php 11.00. Then tell the driver to drop you off at ‘the oblation’ inside UP Diliman. From there, ride another jeepney with a ‘Katipunan’ signage. And the fare would be Php 8.00.  Along Katipunan Avenue, you will now see the UP town center just on the opposite side. And from there, you could just tell the driver to drop you off on a pedestrian overpass that is nearest to UP town center. Then cross the overpass and walk just several meters away towards UP Town Center.

Inside UP Town Center

From the many selections of restaurants around UP town center, we have chosen to try Shrimp Bucket. We’ve been hearing good reviews about this restaurant and I think it’s now becoming the people’s craze. Those who have tried this already say that this restaurant has some similarities on one of the restaurants somewhere in USA where it also offers fresh seafood; people eat with their hands having their gloves and bibs only, and the food  are served in a clear plastic bag.  

Outside the restaurant

We arrived at around 8 in the evening and we were on a waiting list. From the outside, the restaurant looked big but then as you enter, the place is not that spacious. It can only serve around forty people. That’s why we still waited for almost an hour before we got a table. I suggest coming earlier if you want to avoid the crowd.

Inside the restaurant, some of the interiors

As we ordered, I was delighted to see variety of seafood from their menu. They offer mostly seafood, but you can also choose on some meats and veggies. And for me, price is just reasonable. I first thought that the restaurant is such a fine dining that serves over price dishes. But I was surprised that the price is just same with other casual dining. Dishes are not over expensive; ambiance is just cool and casual. We had fries, chicken, squid, mussels, and shrimp.

The Menu

First for our appetizer, we ordered Fresh Cut Fries. Well, it tasted like any other ordinary fries. The price is Php 78.00. Then Buttered corn (not shown) for our sides. Price is Php 50.00. 

Fresh Cut Fries, Php 78.00

Next order that was served was the Deep Fried Baby Squid for starters. Price is Php 215.00.  The dish was cooked really good as the squid is tender, coating is crispy, and the dip tastes good.

Deep Fried Baby Squid, Php 215.00

And additional for our starters is the Chicken Wings with a choice of plain salted, buffalo, or belachan flavors. Price is Php 225.00. We chose the buffalo, and it’s really tasty, it is so flavorful, crunchy, and it is spicy!

Chicken Wings Buffalo, Php 225.00

Then the highlight of the meal was of course, the shrimp! The shrimp is one of the dishes served from their bags by the pound menu along with mussels, and crabs. And you can choose from one of their special sauces per pound – The Mardi Gras, Salty Eggsperience, Coco-SOL (South of Luzon), Frenchy Lemon Pepper, The Spaniard, and Coco-curry.

And one thing that surprised us was that the dish doesn’t come in a bucket, it was served in a clear plastic bag. The shrimp or mussels are shaken with their sauces in the bag before they serve it to you. 

Shrimps with Mardi Gras, Php 560.00

They claimed that the Salty eggsperience is their bestseller among other sauces, but we chose the mardi gras sauce for the shrimps. And I can say that we made the right choice. It was the best; it gave the shrimp full of flavor. It was sweet and savoury. The mardi gras sauce is made with spicy chorizo that contains some meat. We really can’t get enough of it, it was too scrumptious!

For the mussels, we tried the Salty eggsperience flavor for the sauce.  The sauce tasted like the salted egg, but it’s not salty, it was creamy. And it was also extremely good.

Mussels with Salty Eggsperience, Php 350.00

This concept of the restaurant that allows you of mixing the shrimp, mussels, and crab with your choice of sauce is great and it is something different. It helps the food to be tastier, flavorful, and more appetizing.

Aside from the seafood that we ordered, we also tried their Crispy Belachan Pork. Price is Php 225.00 for the entrĂ©e. And they also offer a rice bowl for Php 180.00. 

Crispy Belachan Pork Entree, Php 225.00

Shrimp Bucket has excellent seafood and sauces, great concept, place is small but it’s cozy, huge serving, good food, and reasonable price. 

On the whole, I really enjoyed the food here and I am excited to come back here again and try out different mixes of sauce and seafood. This is a must try for all shrimp or seafood lovers and experience different flavorful sauces that they offer.

Ground Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue Quezon City
02 6254603

Other Branch:
Ground Floor, Grand Hamptons Tower 1,  31st Corner 2nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 5502898

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday
11AM - 10PM

10AM - 10:30PM (last call)


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