Sunday, May 10, 2015

Casa Verde at UP Town Center: I Fell For The Hype

One of my favorite dishes if you would ask is definitely ribs. I am a big fan. If a resto offers this kind of dish, then I wouldn't miss it. I have tried already some other ribs all over metro cooked on different ways. There were tasty but costly, and there were also cheap but small and not so appetizing. And now I think I found the perfect ribs (in my belief) -- The delicious, immense, flavorsome, and most especially economical price Brian’s ribs of Casa Verde.

Casa Verde is a chain of family-owned restaurants which actually originated in Cebu City. When you try to search for a popular dining destination in Cebu, Casa Verde will be on top of it. That’s why people were thrilled when it landed here in Manila. They don't have to travel long just to experience its tasty twist home style comfort food.  And as for me, I was curious because of its hype and of course when I heard that the best seller of this restaurant is their ribs.
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