Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pan De Amerikana, Marikina

October last year, I was looking for a place that is out of the ordinary, food trip that would perfectly fit my
budget, and one that I can practice my photography skills.

And Pan De Amerikana is the exact place I was looking for. I've heard and read already good reviews about this place but I just don't have any chances on visiting it even though it is just near our home in Quezon City. And so when I had my free time on a weekend, I grabbed my chance right away.

Pan De Amerikana started out as a bread house in the 1950’s before it became a restaurant business. It is located at General Ordonez Ave. Concepcion II Marikina City near SSS Village which is I think their main branch, and another branch is in Katipunan Ave. Quezon City, which is considered as the FIRST and ONLY upside down restaurant in Southeast Asia. [Will definitely check this branch too].

Here's how we reached the place...

By riding the MRT, from south/north bound station, you need to reach Cubao mrt station. Then from there, take an FX ride having a signboard of Concepcion II which is located along Farmer's Market.
It took us 30 minutes to 1 hour ride from Cubao to Marikina. You can just say to the driver to drop you to Concepcion II, where you will see an intersection. As you reached Concepcion II, you can just walk northward for a few meters until you see the big windmill that would indicate that you are already near to your destination.

Life sized wind driven Netherland windmill

Upon entering, you will notice their theme and interiors which I love so much because it is far different from the modern area outside. It has a garden-themed interior, glass windows on the wall with plants and vines, old antique wood tables designed with chess boards, vintage looking items for their decorations, framed pictures in a gallery of some of the well-known personalities, their staffs, or even customers. This gives the place a unique, cool, and perfect ambiance.

Then, from their menu, they serve mainly Pinoy dishes that offer quality and affordable food. We arrived on the place at around 3pm so we ordered pinoy traditional ‘merienda’, which is ‘Pan de sal’ with ‘pancit’. And I don’t wonder why their ‘pan de sal’ has received awards and good reviews because it tastes really good and compare to other bakeries, it is truly BIG.  

This branch in Marikina is also known for its chess theme, which you can’t only find regular sized chess board, but a huge one! In which you can play the giant chess pieces.
I have read also that this is one of the only five chess-themed restaurants in the world. So you’ll notice right away the big chess board for sure as you enter the place.

So we took advantage on taking pictures on the chess board while the people are eating and some are still setting up their cameras. 

Then just on the far end beside the chess board is a stage-like space with big classic white columns where people usually shoot a pre-nup, debut, etc. photos. Actually when we got there, there were people in costume with make-up shooting photos already which I think they will use in a stage play for a Halloween event.  

This area is really a nice backdrop/background when shooting photos, that’s why we were inspired also to do so –

And after eating and taking photos, we roam around the whole place and discovered a tree house up floor that has a hanging bridge that you can cross on.
Experience at Pan De Amerikana was definitely great, from the food, the ambiance, and the unique theme of the restaurant.  Without doubt, I will invite my friends and family to check out this place.

“Avoid the crowd. Do your own thinking independently. Be the chess player, not the chess piece.”

-Ralph Charell

92 Ordonez Street Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
Business Hours: 6:00 AM-7:00 PM
(+632) 475-2398

Other Branch:
118 Katipunan Avenue White Plains Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines , Quezon City
(+632) 421-1966


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