Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mt. Daguldul, San Juan Batangas

A coastal mountain called Mt.Daguldul is one of the well known places of climbers in the southern part of Batangas. It is named as ‘Daguldul’ because of the sudden rolling of its hills. It offers a beautiful mountain range having amazing views and relaxing feel because its trail is closer to the sea. You can view the famous beaches of Laiya Batangas and other parts of Western Philippines Sea. Mt.Daguldul is a minor climb with difficulty of 3/9. 

How to get there?

Ride a bus bound to Lipa via Jam Liner in Cubao or Buendia. The fare is around Php120. Then from Lipa Bus Terminal, you can take a jeepney bound for San Juan. The fare is around Php50. And then from San Juan, ride another jeepney going to Bgy. Hugom or where the jump off site is. The fare is Php40. You can also take ALPS Bus located in Cubao if you want a direct ride to San Juan.

The welcoming trail would be pure assault. But you can take a rest along the way or you can wait until you reach a small ‘kubo’ with a shade where you can seat and relax.

This is our first stop

Along the way, you would usually encounter goats or horses. I guess this is their home ;)

cute baby goats

Here’s also a large rock formation you will come upon along the way where you can take a rest or take some photo ops J

And then my favorite of all on this mountain, is one of their resting place with a store where they sell fresh buko, ice candy, soft dirnks, halo halo, and even ‘lugaw’. Everything is here, perfect place to relax!

kuya selling fresh buko juice

After this and after a few meters of uphill trail, you can already reach the summit. But before heading there, we detoured a little bit and saw a very lovely place.

what i call "the tree of life"

This is also where we ate our lunch and killed some time relaxing, chatting, and having fun.

Then just on the other side with just a little walk, you will now reach the summit. 

I sooo love the view in the background

The summit is really nice and huge, it looks like Gulugod Baboy (if ever you have visited that already) with the green grassy hills. And I really loved the view of Laiya beaches – white sand and blue sea.

Mt. Daguldol is surprisingly not that super easy because of lots of assaults, but it is recommended for the beginners having only a short trail. 

And one of the best things on hiking this mountain is as soon you descend from the summit; you can actually go straight to the beaches of Laiya. Different resorts are just side by side, you just choose what resort you want to stay in. Experience amazing views, stunning rock formations, and swim into relaxing sea of Laiya.

San Juan, Batangas

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  1. Mt. Dagulgul is so dreamy, yet the terrain seems perfect for those who love nature and physical adventures. Wish I could have visited this place, among many others in RP, before I headed for Madrid, Spain. Kudos for having created a wonderful blog!


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