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[Sponsored Post] Super Duck Modern Tea Shop

I was so glad that I was invited on a food tasting event for bloggers at Super Duck Modern Tea. They have provided us samples of their bestsellers, discussed super duck origins, about the tea culture in Taiwan, and more. Thank you to sir Aldous for organizing this event, for the milk tea overloads experience, and learning a lot about teas. J

We all know that popular milk tea shops are everywhere now in Manila, and there was also rave the past years, people were addicted to it, most of these popular tea shops offer just the same taste or quality. Then here is this one shop which has its own kind of approach to their teas that makes them unique and I believe will make them stand out to others, it is the Super Duck Modern Tea Shop.

Super Duck (which means 'big brother' in Chinese) Modern Tea is a tea shop originally from Lukang, Taiwan and was brought here in Manila by a group of Filipino-Chinese businessmen around 2011. To be honest, Super Duck is one of the tea shops that are not that yet that popular in the Philippines. They also have an odd (but cute) name for a tea shop that’s why some wouldn't even know that they sell milk teas.

Sir Dennis (one of the owners)

Super Duck has many selections of drinks which have a wide variety of flavors. And compare to other milk shops, everything is real on the flavor. Their tea is authentic, they don't use artificial additive. They really use fresh fruits (which are locally outsourced), they don’t use concentrates, powder or syrup.

Also, it is the only tea shop in the Philippines who uses cane sugar, which is better and healthier.

Wintermelon tea block (their wintermelon drink is fresh, it's not made from syrup)

At first, we tried their basic teas which are all authentic Taiwanese tea…

  • Black Tea
  • Jasmine Tea (Green Tea) - smells and tastes good
  • Oolong Tea

Taiwanese tea

They also offer tea bags which serve unique fresh flavor teas like Sakura Green Tea, Golden Oolong Tea, Lavender Green Tea, and Rose Flower Tea.

And with these plain or basic teas, you can customize your own drink from it.  There are fruit teas, Yakult mixes, milk tea series, Nai Kai series, and more. Here are some of their bestseller mixes I've tried..

  • Hibiscus Tea
  • Mango Milk Tea - uses green tea as the base tea

Teas with added healthy sinkers like the Grass Jelly – which helps to some health problems like cold, infections, and high blood pressure. Then there is also the Perilla Seeds – which prevents different diseases like cardiovascular disorders, cancer, inflammatory, etc.

  • Wintermelon Milk Tea -  with Grass Jelly as the sinker. The sweetness level of this drink is just mild, because they don't really use syrup flavor. But the taste was just fine. Exactly what the flavor should taste.
  • Passion Fruit with Perilla Seeds

My personal favorite is from their Nai-Kai series, the Wintermelon Nai-Kai. Nai Kai means something ‘to cover with milk’. It comprises of rock salt, which is a Himalayan salt (healthier) and a cheese. I just love the blending of the creamy cheese on top and your choice of drinks underneath.

Wintermelon Nai Kai 

And lastly, the drinks I really find unique, is the mixture of alcoholic beverages into milk teas. I was quite amazed that you could actually blend those, but I am more surprised that it actually tasted great. We had these unique blend of teas…

  • Heineken Green Tea
  • Bailey's Milk Tea - my favorite, must try!
  • Almond Khalua Milk

And aside from the different mixes of drinks or milk teas I've mentioned. They also offer some meals which are actually pure healthy foods. And this is in favor for all the vegetarians out there. 

They offer pasta...

  • Linguine Carbonara - It tasted like the typical carbonara, but some of the toppings like the ham is a pure veggie. But don't be bothered because it tasted like a real meat ham :D
  • Cheesy Pesto Calamari - It was okay. The taste of pesto sauce was just right. There are also veggie calamaris on this pasta as the toppings.

                                                                   Linguine Carbonara

                                                                    Cheesy Pesto Calamari

    Then they have what they call ‘quackers’ – Nuggets, Cheese Dog, Fries, Calamares, Mushrooms, Seafood Cup, Wedges, and Asian Dumplings. All of these are vegetarian!


  Actually it was my first time to try Veggie meat meals, that’s why I was really amazed on the twist they make. And it was really good. Not just tasty, but also healthy.

   With the bloggers and the owners of Super Duck, Dennis and Steve

S    So I suggest to everyone reading this blog, especially to the milk tea lovers, to try to be adventurous, go for something different, and risk your taste buds once in a while. I promise, in Super Duck, surely you won't be disappointed. J


     2nd Floor SM Cyber West (Across SM North)

      Other Branches:
      Ortigas Main Branch Pasig
      Unit 111 AIC Burgundy Tower, Garnet St., Cor ADB Ave. Ortigas Pasig
      02-5702292, 09437066133, 09178587294

      D. Tuazon Branch QC
      TCC Building U-1A D. Tuazon, Cor. Malaya, Brgy. Maharlika Quezon City

      ABS-CBN The Loop
      ELJ Communications Center (ABS-CBN) The Loop (Food Court) Mother Ignacia St. Quezon City

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