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Batanes Escapade: North Batan Island

I know most of Filipinos or if not every Filipino’s top place on their bucket list to visit is Batanes. And why not? With its breathtaking scenery, picture perfect landscape, and other enchanting places around the island. Everyone from local and foreign tourist will definitely captivate their eyes and hearts.

Batanes is located in the northernmost part of the Philippines and it is the smallest province in the country in terms of population and land area.  It consists of 10 islands which of the three are inhabited, namely - Batan (Basco), Sabtang, and Itbayat Island.

The people of Batanes are called Ivatans. They have three languages spoken, Itbayaten, Ilocano, and their main language is Ivatan.

How to get there?

There is no way to go to Batanes by land. The only way to get there is by air and the option of airlines are limited. As of the moment, only Philippine Airlines and Skyjet Air are the ones who offer fly to Basco. The travel time is around 2 hours at most.

Basco Airport

    Ecotourism Fee Upon Entering

The city is just a short walk away from Basco Airport.

Prior to our visit, we’ve already availed a tour package from Timetravel Lodge which consists of 3-day tour with lunch (North Batan, South Batan, and Sabtang Island) and a 4 days - 3 nights’ accommodation. – will post a separate blog for this.


Batan Island is divided into two: North and South. 


Mt. Carmel/Tukon Curch

Mt. Carmel Church is also known as Tukon Chapel, where ‘tukon’ is a term for Ivatans as ‘mountain’. It was publicly opened on May 3 2008. 

PAG-ASA Weather Station

PAG-ASA Weather Station stands on top of the hill near Tukon Chapel. From there, you can check a 360-degree view of landscapes, cliffs, and rolling hills of the entire North and South Batan Island.

Unfortunately, just last 2016, a storm struck the island which cause the weather equipment in the station particularly the Doppler radar damaged and actually puffed away.


Japanese tunnel was built to provide shelter for the Japanese soldiers during World War II. Be sure to have your flashlight when you enter this tunnel. 


This place is locally known as Chanpan, but is popularly known as ‘Valugan’ which means East. It is a sacred fishing port of the Ivasay fishermen.


The first Spanish Catholich Church in Batanes. The church is dedicated to Our Lady of Immaculate of Conception which is the patroness of Batanes province.


The hills are also called as Vayang Ranch. It is one of the best spots or should I say the most photographed in Batanes which offers breathtaking views and beautiful surroundings. The environment is very peaceful and refreshing with the greeny hills, trees, grass, and cool breeze from the sea. An amazing and very lovely place.


This is the very first lighthouse built in Batanes. It has a viewing deck at the fifth floor where you can check 360-degree view of Basco town.

These are just the awesome places we visited around North Batan Island for our first day. And I was already in awe of what I’ve seen as we started the tour. More stunning places on our second and third day of tour. Click here ->

Batanes, Philippines

Timetravel Lodge
09396238978 - Linda (caretaker)

AKANI Tours and Services
Cristopher Ian R Ballada - Tour Coordinator
09158264668; 09293473470
09065760088; 09216680918


Day 01

06:00 AM ETD Manila
08:00 AM ETA Basco Batanes
08:30 AM Check in at Timetravel Lodge
09:00 - 12:00 NN Free Time, Prepare for the tour
12:00 - 01:00 PM Lunch
01:00 - 05:00 PM Day 1 Tour North Batan
06:00 PM Onwards Free Time, Dinner, etc.

Day 02

05:00 AM Early Call Time
06:00 AM ETA Port of Ivana
07:00 - 08:00 AM Boat ride from Basco to Sabtang Island
08:00 - 12:00 NN ETA Sabtang Island Tour
12:00 - 01:00 PM Lunch at Morong Beach
02:00 - 03:00 PM Boat ride from Sabtang to Basco
04:00 PM ETA Timetravel Lodge
05:00 PM Onwards Free Time, Dinner, etc.

Day 03
06:00 AM Early Call time
06:00 - 07:00 AM Breakfast
08:00 AM Start of South Batan Island/Basco City Tour
12:00 - 01:00 PM Lunch
02:00 - 05:00 PM South Batan Island Tour
05:00 PM Onwards Free Time, Dinner, etc.

Day 04
05:00 AM Early Call time
06:00 AM ETA Basco Airport
08:00 - 10:00 AM Basco to Manila


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