Monday, February 6, 2017

Rosewood Place Resort, Gigantes North IloIlo

Looking for a good resort place in Gigantes Island to have your vacation? Here is one best beachfront resort in Gigantes North which has a basic and simple vibe that brings you back on the feels of living a simple life and having an extraordinary moment at the same time.

Rosewood place resort is located at the North of Gigantes Island. I’ve mentioned this place from my previous blog about our island hopping tour in Gigantes. This is the resort where we stayed in and got our tour package. You can check full story of our island hopping here - Island Hopping in Gigantes Island.

Rosewood place offers affordable rooms such as:

Non-Airconditioned rooms
Php600 (good for 2 pax)
Php1750 (good for 7 pax)

Air-conditioned rooms
Php1500 (good for 4 pax)
Php2500 (good for 7 pax)

air conditioned room (4 pax)

As for us (we were 9 in the group), we stayed on the 7-pax air conditioned room for Php3000 per night and just added extra beds. The room is big and spacious so there was no problem and felt very comfortable on our whole stay.

Inside room (for 4 pax)

Their bathroom is huge and clean

Note: Rosewood place resort takes you to a simple and basic living away from your city life so there are some constraints like no television on rooms, no generator so there is no electricity from 6am to 6pm, and there is limited access of mobile and internet signals.

But from those restrictions, there is still so much to enjoy in the place. As I’ve said, the resort is beachfront so you can enjoy the beach anytime you want, they have dining place which they serve really great food, you can rent their videoke, and caretakers or locals around the area are very friendly and accommodating.


dining place

By the way, you can order your food here which are priced by kilos. Seafoods are Php250 per kilo and meats are Php350 per kilo (this includes cooking fee).

The resort don’t just offer accommodation but also with tour packages. As for us, we were 9 in the group and got our Island hopping tour for Php7500 (for 15 pax and below) which includes: 2 way boat transfer from Estancia Port to Gigantes Island, 1 day Island Hopping, and Inland Tours.

Overall, it was a great stay in this resort. Reasonable and affordable prices they offer. Great food and very accommodating staff. It didn’t really bother me the limitations of the place, because you know sometimes you also need to experience a simple, basic, serene, and a very beautiful place in your life. I must say this is one of the best places to unwind.

Rosewood Place Resort
Barangay Granada, Sitio Tabun-ak, Carles, 5019 Iloilo
0907 955 1099 or 0910 710 1595


Day 00

04:30 PM ETA IloIlo International Airport

05:00 - 06:00 PM Check In at Hotel (Fleur De Liz Inn)
06:00 - 10:00 PM Go to City Proper (Dinner)
12:00 AM - Lights Off

Day 01

03:00 AM Early Call Time
04:00 AM ETD Fleur De Liz Inn
07:00 AM ETA Estancia Port
07:00 - 09:00 AM Boat ride to Gigantes Island
09:00 - 05:00 PM Gigantes Island Tour Package --> Click Island Hopping in Gigantes Island blog
05:00 PM Onwards Free Time @ Rosewood Place Resort

Day 02

06:00 - 10:00 AM Lighthouse/Caving in Gigantes Island
10:00 - 12:00 PM Boat ride to Estancia Port
12:00 - 01:00 PM Lunch at Estancia Port
04:00 - 05:00 PM ETA IloIo City/Check Inn Hotel
05:00 - 06:00 PM La Paz Market (Netong's Batchoy/Madge Cafe) --> Click Netong's Original La Paz batchoy blog
06:00 PM Onwards Dinner/Night Life at Smallville, IloIlo 

Day 03
06:00 - 07:00 AM Early Call time
07:00 - 08:00 AM Breakfast
08:00 - 01:00 PM City Tour/Buy Pasalubong
      a.)  Jaro Cathedral @ Jaro Plaza and pass by Nelly’s Garden and Lizares Mansion
      b.)  Museo Iloilo 
      c.)   Molo Church 
      d.)   Calle Real
01:00 - 03:00 PM Back to IloIlo Airport/Lunch
05:00 PM Flight back to Manila


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