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[Sponsored Post] Cucina Andare, The Link Glorietta

As a new blogger, I was so lucky that I have been invited by my friend Geejay of Geejay Travel Log for an event, re-launching Cucina Andare for their new location at the roof deck of Glorietta the Link Car Park building in Makati where people from social media sites, blogs, websites, magazines gathered to experience the new favorite hangout of all the foodies out there.

Cucina Andare is part of the Mercato Centrale Group’s growing number of food markets all over the metro which have been the birthplace of emerging food companies today like Manang’s Chicken, Mochiko, Merry Moo, Chuck’s Grubberie Mio Gelati, Spring by Ha-Yuan, and many more.

Live music band playing, food stalls around, and the UNO magazine booth welcomed us when we arrived at the venue for the said event. We registered first and luckily we met Ms. Marcie Linao, the organizer of the event from Light and Love Production at the entrance and got the chance to say hi and thank her for extending the invitation to us.

We first noticed the UNO magazine booth because it was crammed with people [mostly boys] as the beautiful Ms. Dawn Jimenez was having a free autograph signing and picture taking as long as you buy the latest issue of the UNO magazine.

Ms. Dawn Jimenez during autograph signing (photo from Cucina Andare admin)

We were already hungry that time as it was almost 9 pm, so we started to stroll around and check out the 
food they are selling. Food stalls at Cucina Andare offers different dishes, from Mexican, Filipino, Japanese, American, Arabic, you name it! They got it all!

Rice Pots offers Rice toppings, Dimsum, and Fried Rice

(photo from Cucina Andare admin)

 They offer different kinds of Sisig here (photo from Geejay Gelogo)

 Hotdog sandwiches with different twists (photo from Cucina Andare admin)

There are also stalls for sweet lovers like me (photo from Cucina Andare admin)

                                                                       Buffalo Wings! (photo from Geejay Gelogo)

                                                                              Grilled Dishes (photo from Geejay Gelogo)

                                                                                 (photo from Cucina Andare admin)

                                                                                                       Steaks here!

That’s why it was a challenge for us on what food to buy that time. If I could just taste all of the food I saw.

                                                                              What to order??? (photo from Geejay Gelogo)

                                                      Mouth- watering Gourmet Hotdog (photo from Cucina Andare admin)

                                                                                        For the street food lovers

                                                                                     (photo from Cucina Andare admin)

                                                                   My personal choice, my favorite. Baby back ribs!


(phoyo from Geejay Gelogo)

Sweets overload (photo from Cucina Andare admin)

Aside from the rows of food stalls, the creative group of ‘Vinyl on Vinyl’ had their own booths also where they show art, toys, and music which highlights pop culture artists from contemporary art , underground, and street art.

Arts of MAYI

Also during the launch, the Mercato Centrale Group brought along some friends from Radio Republic, an online music channel/magazine that champions OPM who showcased groundbreaking musical talents consisted of Inky De Dios, The Slinks, Steady Machine, and Kjwan.

Kjwan in the house!

After we roam around the venue and bought some food to eat, we ate, talked, and stayed for almost 3 hours at Cucina Andare. The food was really yummy and I enjoyed the varieties of food served. We also didn't notice the time because we were just enjoying, relaxing and loving the ambiance at the roof deck. 

With Geejay of Geejay Travel Log, Jean of Metro Street Bites, Cath of Pocket Wise Pinoy, and Tom Sawyer

This new location of Cucina Andare is just perfect for hangouts, chilling out with friends, and for all the foodies out there. They truly show great food, music, and art.

Me with background of an eight foot tall, twelve foot wide live art painted by Anjo Bolarda to kick off the launch.

Cucina Andare is open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4 pm to 3 am at its new home atop The Link Glorietta structure.

For interested vendors who want to join Cucina Andare, you can contact (+63 917) 840-1152 or (+632) 812-0102 or email

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