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Mt. Kupapey, Bontoc Mountain Province

Not known to others, there’s a stunning, unspoiled, and well-preserved mountain hidden at the part of Cordillera Central Luzon region which is not yet much recognized among our hikers or mountaineers here in the Philippines unlike Mt. Pulag, Amuyao, and many more which are very popular now.

Mt. Kupapey located at Mountain Province in Bontoc has a difficulty of 3/9. You can reach up its 1539 meter high summit for 1-2 hours trek which is only about 5-8 kilometers.

How to get there?

From Manila, take a bus going to Baguio. It will take you 5-6 hours travel time. Then from Baguio, you can take a GL Lizardo Trans bus located at Governor pck Rd or take Rising Sun bus located at Slaughter House Compound in Baguio City all bound for Bontoc. Trips are scheduled every hour from 5am to 4pm daily. The fare is around Php220. And travel time is about 5-6 hours too. Then from Bontoc municipal hall, you can take a jeepney going to Bgy. Maligcong that will give you a 30 minute ride. The fare is around Php25.

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map of Bgy. Maligcong

The trail is mostly covered forest of pine trees. We started our trek early in the morning at 3 AM to catch on the sunrise. So expect a cold and freezing hike at the start. The trail is short and somewhat easy given it would not rain that would make it slippery.

waiting for the sunset

The summit is also known for witnessing breath-taking sunrise and extraordinary sea of clouds. And the most lovely view of all which is the Maligcong rice terraces.

morning at the summit (photo by Marion Montiveros)

Maligcong rice terraces, when viewed from the peak of Mt. Kupapey, has the shape of the wing of a butterfly. 
According to locals, Kupapey is a local term for 'Butterfly'. And that’s how they got this name.

closer look of Maligcong Rice Terraces

For everyone reading this, I wanted you to know that they don’t allow overnight stay in the summit. But there’s this one popular homestay in Maligcong, at Suzette’s Maligcong Homestay & Coffee Shop. Ms. Suzette is the owner of the place which is very kind and accommodating. You can contact and coordinate your plans with her on your trip. She can help you with everything you need.

you can contact Ms. Suzette with the number above

She offers overnight stay as well as your meals; she can cook for you during your stay. Just be sure to coordinate with her days before your stay. It’s suggested to grab this since there are no places to eat in Maligcong.

chill spot at homestay (P.S they have delicious authentic coffee)

Sorry I don’t have many pictures to show around Ms. Suzette’s homestay, but trust me they have the perfect place to chill or relax, sip some coffee while enjoying the view and the refreshing weather also bonding with friends and the people in Maligcong.

some of the food they served during our stay

starting bonfire to cap off the night

There’s so much to discover not only in Mt. Kupapey but in the whole town of Bontoc. With its rich nature, the people living in, and their culture. I had a really wonderful time exploring the town’s beauty. Definitely it would be a relaxing hike, fun exploration, and amazing discoveries as you visit.

group pic! (photo from Take Five Outdoors)

Mt. Kupapey
Maligcong, Bontoc, Mt.Province

Mt. Kupapey +  Maligcong Rice Terraces
(Sidetrip Banaue Rice Terraces)
Bontoc, Mountain Province


Day 00

10:00 PM Meet Up MCDO in front of Trinoma
11:00 PM ETD from Mcdo

Day 01

06:00 AM ETA Banaue (Stopover at Banaue)
07:30 AM ETD Banaue (Side trip at Banaue Rice Terraces - click for more stories)
10:30 AM ETA Maligcong, Bontoc (Free Time/Rest/Prepare/Check in)
12:00 PM Lunch 
03:00 PM Trek to Maligcong Rice Terraces
05:00 PM Start Descend
06:00 PM ETA Homestay
07:00 PM Free time for food trip

Day 02

02:00 AM Wake up call
03:00 AM Start trek to Mt. Kupapey
05:30 AM Sunrise at Mt. Kupapey
07:00 AM Start Desend
09:00 AM ETA in Homestay
10:00 AM Check-out in Homestay
10:30 AM ETD from Maligcong
11:00 AM ETA in Bontoc Proper (Lunch, free time)
02:00 PM ETD from Bontoc
04:00 PM ETA in Banaue
11:00 PM ETA in Manila

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