Saturday, January 2, 2016

Welcome 2016!!!

Happy New Year to everyone!! 12 months have passed once again. I want to thank all the people who took time to visit and read my few blogs. As a newbie blogger, it’s given that it would be tough at start, especially writing and photography is not really in my line but then I realize that it’s tougher to continue what you have started. Frustrations come - you have travels to share but you can’t write everything what’s in your mind, you get to the point on not being contented on the photos you take, you have no time, no travels, and more disappointments. It’s really hard to have a determination to go on. But then I just believe on the love and passion in what you do. That’s why I keep going on and always try to strive to be better.

Now another fresh new year is here, it means another chance to grow, to develop what I do, make my blogs and photos better, to learn something new, to discover places, meet new people to share and learn with them, to write more informative, more fun, inspirational, etc for everyone. And to just continue loving on what I do.

Again, have a prosperous New Year from the Prettea Traveler! 


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